What is a good dedicated server for managing magento store with 500+stores and 1000 products?

I am planning to build a magento installation which will have like 100 multisites at first and then within the next 3 to 5 of months it will reach around 500 sites. Then probably 1000 stores with in an year. The number of products won't increase that much.

So basically I need a good set up on which I can set up this magento store!


This sounds like a really big project! I am not quite sure if it is reasonable to build a Magento store with so many stores, because scaling may be a big problem here. Although it of course also depends on the number of visits you plan to have. Anyway, you should probably have a look at some form of cloud setup. Amazon Web Services may be a good idea here. You can build big setups with it which scale perfectly. As a reference, you should have a look at this Magento SE question and specifically at the answer and resources of fbrnc.

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