same thumbnail for two different products having different attributes(id,sku,price, stock level)

I am developing online apparel store. our store has only two type products with different ID, price stock level and other attributes but we want the same thumbnail for both products and it does not repeat in store as thumbnail please tell any solution for this because I am new in Magento.


What you are describing is a grouped product.

A grouped product is an "abstract" product, in the way that you don't actually sell it as it doesn't exist.

Say you are selling boxes :

  • Box A : 60x60x60 | stock : 30 | sku : boxa | type_id : simple
  • Box B : 70x60x70 | stock : 15 | sku : boxb | type_id : simple

What you'll need to "gather" those 2 products is a grouped product

  • Box : no dimensions | stock : none | sku : box_g | type_id : grouped

It seems to be the easiest way to do it for me.

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