Number of Customers Total Spend in the Past Year Output into £20 Ranges

I'm basically looking to build a query that'll return the number of customers in sales_flat_order who have spent in total year to date:

  • Between £0 and £20
  • Between £20.01 and £40
  • Between £40.01 and £60
  • etc, to the maximum total spend by a customer this year


This is what I came up with:

    LowerBound, UpperBound, count(1) AS CustomersInBound
        cast(sum(subtotal_invoiced)/20 as unsigned) * 20 as LowerBound,
        (cast(sum(subtotal_invoiced)/20 as unsigned) + 1) * 20 as UpperBound
        sales_flat_order AS sfo
        sfo.status = 'complete'
        AND created_at >= DATE_SUB(date('2016-12-05'),INTERVAL 1 YEAR)
        AND created_at <= date('2016-12-05')
    GROUP BY sfo.customer_id
) as T
Group by LowerBound, UpperBound

The limitation is, if someone hasn't purchased between a boundary, this boundary will be omitted from the query output.

E.g. If no one's total value of purchases lies between £180 and £200, the Boundary £180-£200 will not be output with zero customers.

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