Magento Coupon codes although deleted already, doesn't allow to create coupon with same code again

I am not sure if it's some kind of core-logic(unknown to me) or a bug maybe, but even though I have already deleted a coupon-code rule from "Shopping Cart Price Rules", when I search in the "salesrule_coupon" table the deleted coupon code, it still shows up.

What happens due to above scenario is that if I try to recreate the coupon-rule with same code, it doesn't allow me to do so and shows below message:

Coupon with the same code already exists.

Please enlighten me anyone and let me know how to delete coupon-rule with code completely and uniquely, so I can create coupon with same code again.

My magento version is ce-


If its not showing up anywhere else other than the table, I would change it in the table -- not delete it -- to something unique. Maybe put a few numbers at the end. Random stuff. That should take care of it.

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