Magento Category Movement

All the new category changes are done on staging server, and now i wanted to move it to live. I cannot move complete database, since both the database are not synchronized and i don't want to loss sales/order/customer data.

If i only move table that are specific to category, will this work without any issue? I also wanted to retain category ID after moving it to production server.

Can anyone please guide which all table i need to move to make this category migration successful.

Thank You.


Yes, just export all tables starting catalog_ (check 'disable foreign key checks' and 'add drop tables if exist') in database and import into the other database. This will ensure the necessary relationships between products and categories still remain intact (to clarify, this will import all products and what categories they are assigned to etc).

This then won't touch sales/orders/customers etc but just import everything related to the catalog.

You may find this useful as well.

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