Magento 2 - What is the correct way to change default Order Id?

Magento 2. After fresh install the new Order id will be 100000001, 100000002 and so on.

What is the correct way to change that increment id so it would be a higher number? For example 155555552, 155555553 and so on. When changed it will look much better.

In Magento 1.9 To edit default Id for Orders, Invoice or Shipment we simply had to change values in database in "eav_entity_store".

Magento 2 looks so different...

I know there are some plugins that offer to do this, but I want to know how to do it manually.


Go to your database from phpmyadmin,

Here _1 is used for store id after tablename.

Default Frontend store id is 1. if you have multi store then you have to set query for each store with table name like sequence_order_2 upto sequence_order_.*

Enter below query for table sequence_order_1 is used for default store. If you have multiple store you have to set tablename as per store id in below query.

This is only used for order placed from frontend.

sequence_order_1 is used for order id management in magento 2.

ALTER TABLE sequence_order_1 AUTO_INCREMENT=155555551;

Next order id is start from 155555551.

Below Query is defined for INVOICE, if you want to change invoice id

ALTER TABLE sequence_invoice_1 AUTO_INCREMENT=155555551;

For Shipment ALTER TABLE sequence_shipment_1 AUTO_INCREMENT=155555551;

  1. Open your PHP Admin database (I tested on php 7)
  2. Find & click on the table called: sequence_order_1 (it is located in database itself not in the information_schema )
  3. Click on "Operations" tab & under "AUTO_INCREMENT" edit to desired order number.

What was previously in eav_entity_store is now covered in sales_sequence_profile and sales_sequence_meta. The table sequence_order_1 gets populated when orders are placed.

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