Magento 2: getting error for all pages We can't create the Wish List right now

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

 Undefined index: wishlist in /var/www/html/vendor/magento/framework/Setup/Declaration/Schema/Db/SchemaBuilder.php on line 152

display error on frontend

We can't create the Wish List right now.


In the core file,


In the below condition add a if condition and execute the upgrade command.

After executing create the wishlist table and remove the condition. And execute other commands to ensure it is working fine.

  * Process references for all tables. Schema validation required.
  * @param  Table[] $tables
  * @param Schema $schema
  private function processReferenceKeys(array $tables, Schema $schema)
      foreach ($tables as $table) {
          $tableName = $table->getName();
          if ($schema->getTableByName($tableName) instanceof Table) {
          $referencesData = $this->dbSchemaReader->readReferences($tableName, $table->getResource());
          $references = [];

          foreach ($referencesData as $referenceData) {
              //Prepare reference data
              if($tableName != 'wishlist') {
                  $referenceData['table'] = $table;
                  $referenceTableName = $referenceData['referenceTable'];
                  $referenceData['column'] = $table->getColumnByName($referenceData['column']);
                  $referenceData['referenceTable'] = $this->tables[$referenceTableName];
                  $referenceData['referenceColumn'] = $referenceData['referenceTable']->getColumnByName(
                  $references[$referenceData['name']] = $this->elementFactory->create('foreign', $referenceData);
                  //We need to instantiate tables in order of references tree
                  if (isset($tables[$referenceTableName]) && $referenceTableName !== $tableName) {
                    $this->processReferenceKeys([$referenceTableName => $tables[$referenceTableName]], $schema);

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