magento 1.7 - API - determine if detail is simple, bundle, or component of bundle (Part II)

follow up to magento order API determine if product belongs to a bundle

I am extracting new orders in Magento using API. I would like to know how I can tell if this is a simple product, bundle or component of a bundle.

To get details I use soapObject method for ''

$details = $this->soapObject->call($this->sessionId, '', $orderId); 

Previous answer suggested that I use soapObject method for 'catalog_product' to determine if simple product or bundle... This is good start!

However how can I tell if I am looking at a simple product as a detail or a simple product as a component of a bundled product. Without a hint such as line number or sequence number I am not sure how to make distinction....

when I dump details, it looks like this:

array(15) {
  string(3) "232"
  string(6) "1.0000"
  string(12) "BD22"
  string(28) "BUNDLED_PRODUCT22"
  string(6) "2.0000"
  string(6) "0.0000"
  string(6) "0.0000"
  string(6) "0.0000"
  string(6) "0.0000"
  string(6) "0.0000"
  string(6) "0.0000"
  string(6) "0.0000"
  string(6) "0.0000"
  string(6) "0.0000"
  string(6) "0.0000"


You can retrieve the product type if you do another SOAP API call to

$result = $client->call($session, '', '4');

with '4' meaning product ID or SKU.

Please see the documentation for more details:

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