How can i disable Magento module at run time?

I am using custom checkout module. When user selects a specific category I would like to use default checkout module.

Is it possible to run two checkout engines.


Here is an idea.
Have the 2 modules on separate urls and then do a check in the controller to see on which url you should go.

Something like (put this in a helper):

public function canUseExtensionCheckout() {
    if (confition for extension use) {
         return true;
    return false;

Then in the extension controller add this:

if (!Mage::helper('some_helper')->canUseExtensionCheckout()) {
    $this->_redirect(default checkout url)

and in the default checkout controller:

if (Mage::helper('some_helper')->canUseExtensionCheckout()) {
    $this->_redirect(extension checkout url)

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