Error message "cannot take that action right now" when system upgrade

I installed Magento 2 on Ubuntu 14.04, and tried to examine whether anything I need to update in Magento system.

I enter "Web Setup Wizard" from admin panel, but it shows the error message at the first step.

"Sorry, we can't take that action right now."

I have tried to find the solution in the official document, but nothing is found.

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The error message comes from setup/view/magento/setup/select-version.phtml and is displayed if the value of the variable upgradeProcessed is false.
The variable is set in setup/pub/magento/setup/select-version.js.
Initially this is set to false and it is set to true if there is a success response from the url index.php/select-version/systemPackage.
This url is mapped to setup/src/Magento/Setup/Controller/SelectVersion.php and systemPackageAction.
So I guess something goes wrong in here.
I have no idea what, but this is a great place to start debugging.

Just had the same problem with my install. Resolved it by entering the Public / Private Access Keys (in the Web Setup Wizard's System Config, 'Magento Marketplace').

You can get these when you log into your account on - Click on 'Connect' tab at top, then click on 'Developers' button to reveal 'Secure Keys' link. Click on it to manage / create keys.

Most of the time, the problem is caused by the fact that you're not authenticated.

But sometimes, it's caused by the fact that you installed Magento 2 by cloning the GitHub repository.

In that case, you cannot use the Web Setup Wizard and have to run the following commands:

git pull origin
composer update

More details can be found here:

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