Downloaded theme not functional

I have downloaded a theme. The folder contains app, js, media and skin folders. I have disabled and flushed all the caches. Then I have copied the theme's folders to Magento root (located in local virtual host 'magento.local') overwriting the existing folders. That caused the site to stop working. Later, I started to manually copy the files from the theme folders to the corresponding Magento locations so as not to delete any of the existing files and I have put down my theme's name in all of the the 'System -> Configuration -> Design -> Themes' inputs. However the site still has the default look.

I would say, that I should delete some of the default folders in the app, js, media or skin folders but I'm not sure which ones.

Is there any way some of you could help my having these information, please?

Thank you very much!


Where have you put the theme and assets. The theme should be app/design/frontend/ and assets (JS) in skin/frontend/package

Then you can set the design package via the admin.

You should be able to find corresponding folders in Magento's root for app, skin, js and media.

Theme layout files (app) go in app/design/frontend/THEME_NAME

Skin files (skin) go in skin/frontend/THEME_NAME

The js and media files have their own folders in Magento's root.

Once you have your theme files in place, you should be able to select the theme (THEME_NAME) from admin.

Do NOT delete the base and default theme folders, as these are what Magento falls back on if you have a missing file in your custom theme.

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