Current Skin Url

I want to get skin URL of my current theme. At present I am working in Magento "rwd" theme.

And I am using below code to get skin URL:


This returns me URL http://localhost/magento/skin/frontend/default/default/

but I need URL like: http://localhost/magento/skin/frontend/rwd/default/

Please help me.


You can easily avail the current URL of your existing Magento theme by using the below-mentioned code:

<?php echo $this->getSkinUrl();?>

I have used following command to get different URL in magento Get Url in phtml files

1. Get Base Url :


2. Get Skin Url :


(a) Unsecure Skin Url :


(b) Secure Skin Url :

$this->getSkinUrl('images/imagename.gif', array('_secure'=>true));

3. Get Media Url :


4. Get Js Url :


5. Get Store Url :


6. Get Current Url


Get Url in cms pages or static blocks

1. Get Base Url :

{{store url=""}}

2. Get Skin Url :

{{skin url='images/imagename.jpg'}}

3. Get Media Url :

{{media url='/imagename.jpg'}}

4. Get Store Url :

{{store url='mypage.html'}}

I think this will help you.

When you are using

Mage::getDesign()->getSkinUrl($file = null, array $params = array());  

You should pass in the $file parameter for the resource you are trying to retrieve; e.g.:


Magento will automatically search in your site's set theme first and if it's not there it will continue its search using the theme fallback.

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