Create a sub-list of images

I have a slideshow at the top of my product description.

This slideshow uses photos from the images list of the product. I still have a photo gallery. To do the differentiation, the previous programmer uses the following rule : if a photo is excluded from gallery, then it is in slideshow.

This solution was good till now, as now, I want as well to have a photo for my category listing (i.e. small photo) and that photo should be neither in the slideshow nor in the gallery.

For the images, Is there a way to add a column (in backend), similar to the "Exclude" one, so that I can have a column "Slideshow" and restore the Exclude functionality to its original.

While I'm at it, how should I do then to fetch this so defined Slideshow list?


OK, I got 2 working solutions

1. From the template

Display the image if the condition on the position is filled-in

  <?php foreach ($this->getGalleryImages() as $i => $_image): ?>
        <?php if($_image->getPosition()<100){ //Display in Gallery only those with position below 100 ?>
        //Display the image here
    <?php } ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

2. overwrite the extracting function

public function getGalleryImages($min=0,$max=0)
    if ($this->_isGalleryDisabled) {
        return array();

    $product = $this->getProduct();
    if(!$product->hasData('media_gallery_images') && is_array($product->getMediaGallery('images'))) {
        $images = new Varien_Data_Collection();
        foreach ($product->getMediaGallery('images') as $image) {
            if ($image['disabled']) {
            if($min!==$max AND ( $image['position']<$min OR $image['position']>$max )){
            $image['url'] = $product->getMediaConfig()->getMediaUrl($image['file']);
            $image['id'] = isset($image['value_id']) ? $image['value_id'] : null;
            $image['path'] = $product->getMediaConfig()->getMediaPath($image['file']);
            $images->addItem(new Varien_Object($image));
        return $images;

Note that I added a fallback for all previous call to this function, the min and max will both be at 0 disabling the extra thing.

You could add a new image attribute slideshow_image to the products attribute set. This post on pixafy explains how. This would enable you to retrieve all the images for the product collection slidehow by search for the images in the slideshow_image attribute.

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